Check this out now!

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve done a proper update.  I’ve got several things in the works that I’m excited to tell all of you about but first, I need to tell you about the most amazing card reading I received the other day from dancingthroughstars over at Dreamwidth.

Like most people in this economy, she’s fallen on some really tough times.  She’s had her laundry stolen among many other things, and she’s currently trying to scrape together enough cash to pay her rent, buy some food, and replace all of her lost clothes.

Right now, she’s currently giving away FREE one card draws on this post over at Dreamwidth.  She’s also selling more in-depth readings to try to make some much needed cash.  I purchased one of the readings and was truly amazed at accurate it was and how talented she is with the cards.

This offer is only going on through the end of July 25th so head on over there now and help out a fellow artist in need.  You won’t be disappointed!

Any of my readers that are kind enough to do this will receive a FREE e-copy of ‘Pretty Piece of Work vol. 1’ or a FREE advance copy of the first story in a new series I’m working on; you’re choice!

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