It’s Monday! What are you reading?

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I spent most of last week getting an IVIg infusion for my CIDP and am still not completely recovered from it. Hopefully, the steroid withdrawal I’m going through now will end soon and I’ll be back to writing and posting on a more regular basis.

Still, I’ve managed to get a little bit of reading done. After finishing ‘Invitation to Ruin’, I decided to move on to a classic of literature that I’ve never managed to get around to reading before now:

Dracula by Bram Stoker

After years of watching various incarnations of it in the movies and on TV, it’s nice finally reading the original.  I’m not terribly far into it yet but I’m enjoying it so far.

This has me wondering how many of you out there are like me and have classics you want to read but just haven’t gotten around to yet?  Which ones are on your to be read pile?

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  1. LJK

    I used to have huge piles of classics that I had bought when I was feeling ambitious, but I’ve finally given up and given them away. Never read the original Dracula, I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Have a great week!

    • Shannon

      Since getting my iPhone and my nook, I’ve downloaded plenty of classics that I hope to get around to reading. It’s taken me awhile to even want to read classics after being forced to read some of them in high school, though! lol

  2. heather

    I’ve never been a big classic reader so I gave myself a goal to read 5 one year. The one I really enjoyed was Brave New World. It wasn’t at all what I expected.

    • Shannon

      I had to read ‘A Brave New World’ while in high school. It was one of the few classics that I enjoyed at the time. I always think of this book whenever I see how over-medicated some people, especially children, seem to be because they don’t like dealing with unpleasant emotions. This is definitely a book I want to re-read sometime.

      What other classics did you read?

    • Shannon

      I’m still only about halfway through it. I wasn’t able to get much reading done last week :/ It’s getting a little slow in some parts but it’s still really interesting. I’ve always had a fondness for gothic horror, though.

  3. Michael Williams

    Jane Austin and Alexander Dumas are 2 authors I feel I should investigate, but have had the ability to actually pick anything written by them. I just finished reading The Angel’s Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and really enjoyed it. It is beautifully written. Right now I am reading The Devil’s Whisper by Miyuki Miyabe, but I am not sure I will finish it.

    I also have CIDP and am on steroids and IVIG. Why are you going through steroid withdrawal? Do you strop them during IVIG? I am curious.

    Thank you

    • Shannon

      I have a couple Alexandre Dumas novels I’ve been wanting to read for awhile now. Some other book always winds up catching my fancy before I get a chance to read them, though lol I’ll have to look into ‘The Angel’s Game’. What about ‘The Devil’s Whisper’ is making you think you might not finish it?

      Thanks to a serious error made by my previous at-home infusion nurse, I am now allergic to IVIg which means in order for me to take it, I have to be on steroids to suppress my immune system as much as possible to keep me from going into anaphylactic shock. I generally don’t take steroids any other time unless it’s a steroid dosepak to help ease my symptoms if I’m having a flare-up between infusions. After my last IVIg treatment and the steroid withdrawals that I am still dealing with, all of my treatment is on hold while my neurologist and I figure out the best way to treat my CIDP.

      If you haven’t already, check out my other blog Demyelinated not Destroyed ( I go into more detail about my CIDP there as well as post a lot of information and links to articles that are of interest to people living with demyelinating diseases and their loved ones.

      • Michael Williams

        I just started following your DND blog but didn’t realize it was yours! I started blogging when I got sick in March as therapy for me. It has been very helpful to put my feelings into words. Feel free to check it out at

        I think my biggest problem with The Devil’s Whisper is I just finished another book narcissistic and nihilistic Tokyo youth. (Real World by Natsuo Kirino) and I fear this one is going in the same direction. I will definitely pick it up later though.

        My brother was visiting this week and he recommended Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Perhaps I will find a copy of this weekend.

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